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North Borneo Safari





                                       4D3N  WILDLIFE WATCHING KINABATANGAN                                        

Located in the heart of the Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary, Asia's finest. Home to the endemic Proboscis monkey, wild Orangutan, Bornean elephants and the many species of wetland birds. Feel the warm hospitality of the river people or the 'Orang Sungai' and be mesmerised by the wonders of its natural surrounding.

                                 10D9N SABAH'S GREATEST WILDLIFE WATCHING                                            

Spend your days in pursuit of the endemic and endangered wild orang utans, Bornean gibbons, Maroon langurs, venture out morning and afternoon to photograph some of the oldest rainforest and wildlife. With headlamps, trek or drive to the darkness of the forests in search of Borneos nocturnal mammals.

                                       3D2N IMBAK CANYON PHOTO EXPEDITION                                                                                            

Gear up for a 4WD adventure into the great IMBAK CANYON!

Join our photography specialists to uncover the secrets of the Canyon. Optimise the capability of your digital camera, learn the techniques in rainforest photography and bring home stunning images! Also, on this trip, we will visit the filming site of the famous BBC Documentary entitled EXPEDITION BORNEO.

                                     3D2N MYSTICAL  SEMPORNA PHOTO EXPEDITION                                         

Fringed with white sandy beaches, it offers you the most lovely island scenery and landscape with its unique houses built on stilts. You will get into knowing the simple life of the Bajau seafarers who see themselves as non-aggressive people. You shall bring home memorable images of some of the many oceanic neighboring islands: the Sibuan, Maiga, Bohey Dulang, and Mabul Islands.

                                        3D2N KINABALU PARK PHOTO EXPEDITION                                                

Click for a colourful images of its range of flowering trees and plants that come in different shapes and hues. The delicate Slipper Orchid is endemic to the park and has attracted thousands to view it here. Furthermore, Kinabalu Park is one of the premier bird photography destinations in Borneo and offers “many local curiosities and specialties”. It is a home for many birds including 58 strictly montane birds—17 of which are endemic Bornean species. 

                                     3D2N THE WILD SIDE OF LOWER KINABATANGAN                                         

Lower Kinabatangan-Segama Wetland is Sabah’s First and Malaysia’s Largest Ramsar site. The site harbours rich biodiversity with critically endangered and vulnerable species, including the world’s smallest elephant, as well as species endemic to Borneo such as Sumatran Rhinoceros, Proboscis monkey, Tembadau (Banteng), Orang Utan, Borneo Pygmy Elephant, and Malayan Sun Bear. The nearest access to this amazing area is Abai village.

                               ULTIMATE 4 WHEEL DRIVING ADVENTURE IN SABAH                                   

Besides being one of Borneo’s most biodiverse destinations, the canyon also forms an ideal location for a variety of innovative, eco-conscious 4WD expeditions allowing highly controlled access into this otherwise untouched valley. Now is the time to reveal its secret and you too can be the first among your friends to join this once in a lifetime journey and take the challenge of driving in a rugged terrain.

                                                 BORNEO'S FINEST BIRDING SAFARI                                                    

Our birding trips are planned to optimize bird watching experience in well-chosen locations. We venture from montane to lowland vegetation to give you a comprehensive coverage of some specialty birds of Borneo such as Whitehead’s trogon, Whitehead’s broadbill, Bornean Ground cuckoo, Blue-headed Pitta, Bornean Bristlehead, and the White-crowned Shama among others.

                                                  ACCOMMODATION IN SANDAKAN